Curly hair is my true love!  I’m so excited to meet you and share everything I know with you.  Curly hair is such a broad category, it can encompass those with tight coily curls and high density, or finer curls that can feel a little fragile, and everything in between.  All of these different curls have different needs, so here is some guidance for making sure we have the correct service booked and can achieve the best results.  I am comfortable cutting curly/wavy hair both wet and dry, it all depends on your hair type and your desired result.


How to book:

I use Schedulicity to book, and I'll detail below how to select which option to pick.  That being said, I know it can still be a bit confusing, and if you want some guidance please email me or use the contact me box and I am more than happy to help you select the right option or find a time that works for you.  Please be mindful too that while prices are listed, they are subject to change for services that take longer due to length, density, or doing a large transformation.  Please also be aware of my policies for cancelling/rescheduling.  


New Curly Client- Pick the Full Curly Hair Service option if it is your first time seeing me.  This service includes not just a cut and style, but a deep dive into how to style your curly hair at home.  There is an option to pick  "Curly cut for tight coily curls", select this if your hair is tightly coiled, the only difference is I want more time for the service.  We will go over all of your history and hair goals.  We will decide if we are doing a wet or dry cut, and then proceed to styling and talking about maintenance and products.  Please plan on this appointment to be 2 to 3 hours, it includes cutting, styling, drying, refining, and talking about products and styling.  


Returning Curly Client- the best service to select will depend on your density and how much of a change you are making and how much styling you would like to do.  The options are Haircut (you can select this if you aren't looking for a big change from what you currently have and you don't need a lot of styling coaching), Transformational or Thick Hair (if your hair is thick and/or you are making a big change but you don't need a lot of styling coaching), or the Full Curly Hair Service (select this if you would like more in-depth styling advice).  If you have questions on which one to select please reach out and ask, I'm happy to help!


When you come in for your appointment:

-Please arrive with your hair washed within the last 5 days, detangled enough that it is easy to get through, fully dry, and with a minimal amount of light styling products (no oils or heavy butters) in your hair.


-Please wear your hair down with no pony tails, braids, buns, or twists.


This will give me the best assessment of your hair and allow me to give you the best service possible.


I work at Dreamboat Salon in Kenton, located at 1905 N Kilpatrick.  There is street parking, please allow yourself plenty of time to find parking.  Also please note, we have a unique entrance- we are tucked away off the street in a courtyard.  Please click here for a video of how to find us.  


All visits will begin with an extended consultation where we’ll talk about what’s working with your hair, what’s not working, what your hair goals are, and what kind of maintenance you are looking for.  If you have any inspiration or reference pictures, we’ll look at them together and make sure we are on the same page and have the same vision. 

We will go over how to style at home, products, and when I recommend you return for future appointments.