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Online Booking Portal
My books are open 2 months at a time, with the following month opening every first of the month at 8am.

Ex:  On January 1st, February's availability opens up.  On February 1st, March's availability opens up.
Booking Tips:
Please check out the service menu so you know what to book.  If you need any clarity, please feel free to reach out.

On average, I am booked out about 5 weeks, so it is possible there will be no appointments available.  Please add yourself to the waitlist, and if you would like to get in sooner I would highly recommend any of my colleagues at Dreamboat Salon.

If you can't find an appointment:
-Try waiting 15 minutes, refreshing the page and trying again.
-If that doesn't work, please add yourself to the waitlist here 
where you'll be notified if/when an appointment becomes available.

If the page has trouble loading click here for direct link.
Thank you!  Please email with any questions!

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