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Affiliate links
When you shop using these links you are directly supporting me!  Thank you!  Please message me with any questions or product recommendations.
Shop Innersense here:
"Clean chemistry, radical transparency, and a commitment to the environment are our promises to you.  This means no parabens, silicones, sulfates, synthetic frangrance or questionable ingredients."

Some of my favorite products: 
-I create volume, a volumizing lotion for body and fullness.  I love this for curls, I treat it like a gel and either scrunch it in or apply it layer by layer.  Also nice for blowouts!
-I create waves, a pink himalayan salt spray to add texture and enhance waves- I love to use this in bangs!
Shop Reverie here:
"A daydream of botanical pleasures, REVERIE is haircare for all humans.  We believe less is plenty and the collection reflects our desire to distill the nuances of haircare into a thoughtful curation of essentials"

Some of my favorite products: 
-Milk, a weightless, multi-functional leave-in serum.  I like to put this in dry hair for a little polish.

-Rake- a whipped balm that conditions the hair while providing definition.  I like to work this through wet hair and air dry.
Shop Hairstory here:
"An edited lineup, made with premium non-toxic ingredients, developed for everyday use, multifunctional and mixable."

Some of my favorite products: 
Hairbalm- a lightweight cream that makes airdrying easy.

Undressed- a texture spray that adds volume and is great for airdryin
g and bangs.
Shop Cult + King here:"Pretty without the poison.  Get all the style and performance you want with clean ingredients and natural fragrances."

Some of my favorite products: 
Jelly- a salt spray reborn as a moisturizing botanical nectar.  Scrunch in for airdrying waves and curls.

Balm- a thick botanical cream, multiple uses, I like to work it through damp hair and air dry.
Shop Bekekoa here (not an affiliate link):
"Be Kekoa is a black and woman-owned healthy hair studio and beauty brand uniquely positioned at the intersection of textured hair and natural skincare."

My favorite product: 
Be Free Rosewater Mousse- a lightweight styling mousse that swells the hair cuticle for max volume. It spreads easier than a gel or custard for flowing locks that maintain touchability.

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