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Hello and welcome!  I’m so looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your dream hair!  I know sometimes it can be intimidating to get your hair done by a new person, so I’ll walk you through what to expect here.  

Am I the right stylist for you?  

Check out my bio here and my instagram here and see if you feel like we are a good match.  I specialize in curly hair, razor cuts, and natural looking color and balayage.  

How to book an appointment:

 I use Schedulicity to book, all of the services are listed here in detail, so please read the descriptions and if you have any questions please email and I am happy to help guide you.

How to choose the appropriate haircut service:

If it is your first time seeing me, you are making a dramatic change, have very thick hair, or you feel like you have a lot of questions about styling- please select the longer hair appointment called New Client Haircut.  This will give us a little more time to consult and go over styling questions.


If I have seen you before and you are maintaining your current cut or are making minor adjustments, you can select the Haircut option.


If you have curly hair and would like to do a thorough deep dive into styling, product choices, and cleansing and conditioning techniques please select the Full Curly Hair Service.  This gives us more time to get into everything.  


If your curly hair is tightly coiled, or you feel like you have very thick curly hair, please select the Full Curly Hair Service- Tight Coily Curls.  This will give us more time. 


If you have curly hair and you have already had an appointment with me and feel comfortable in your styling routine, you may select the regular Haircut option.


After you book I will send out a consultation form for more information, and based on this I may adjust your appointment if I feel we need more or less time.  Make the appointment selection that you feel makes the most sense and know that I will adjust if necessary. 

Do I cut curly hair dry?

I am comfortable cutting curly/wavy hair both wet and dry, it all depends on your hair type and your desired result.  Curly hair is such a broad category, it can encompass those with tight coily curls and high density, or finer curls that can feel a little fragile, and everything in between.  All of these different curls have different needs and I am happy to discuss my approach with you if you like.

Where I am located:  

I work at Dreamboat Salon in Kenton, located at 1905 N Kilpatrick.  There is street parking, please allow yourself plenty of time to find parking.  Also please note, we have a unique entrance- we are tucked away off the street in a courtyard.  Please click here for a video of how to find us.  

How you should wear your hair to your appointment:

Please arrive with your hair washed within the last 4 days, detangled enough that it is easy to get through, fully dry, and with a minimal amount of light styling products (no oils or heavy butters) in your hair.


Please wear your hair down with no pony tails, braids, buns, or twists.


This will give me the best assessment of your hair and allow me to give you the best service possible.


For color appointments please show up with hair that has been washed in the last 48 hours.  I use a low toxic color line and it works best on clean hair.

Please reach out with any questions, I am happy to help and I look forward to meeting you!

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