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For new clients.
Please note, I do not accept gratuity.

Haircut Services

New Client Haircut


2 hours

It’s your first time here, welcome!  

This gives us a little extra time to get to know each other and discuss your hair goals.  

Service Includes: 




-personalized styling lesson

-home care product recommendations.

Full Curly Hair Service


2.5-3 hours

Service Includes: 

-haircut, dry or wet depending on what is most suitable for your hair and the result we are looking for.



-personalized styling lesson

-home care product recommendations.

How do I know if I need the full curly hair service?

Good question!

If you have curly hair and you feel confident in your styling routine, you can book the regular "New Client Haircut".  I'll still answer any questions and give guidance, but it's less of a deep dive.


This is for you if you are struggling with taking care of your hair and styling your curls.


  • Do you have a closet full of products and you can’t tell if they are right for you?


  • Are you not sure how to apply these products?


  • Wondering how often you should wash your hair?  Do you need a deep conditioner?


  • Is the shape of your cut not doing anything for your curls?


I can simplify your routine and answer all of your questions. 


My approach is simplified and very accessible, I promise you I will give you some major clarity.


This is a longer appointment to ensure we have time to talk through your hair history, pain points, and goals and we can walk through the styling techniques and you can leave with a beautiful new cut and your hair dry and styled.  


If your hair could be defined as very tightly coiled, I add extra time (at no extra cost) to ensure we have enough time for drying.  

Please come to your appointment with your hair dry and styled how you normally wear it. 


No braids, ponytails, buns, or twists and with minimal light styling products. 


This will give me the best assessment of your hair and is extremely helpful when determining how I will approach your cut. 

Color Services

As a colorist I specialize in hilights and balayage that look naturally sun-kissed and grow out soft and beautifully. These looks can range from subtle to dramatic and are highly customizable.

Not sure if you need a hilight, balayage, toner, gloss........  you don't need to know!
I've divided my dimensional color offerings into 3 different all inclusive sessions so you can sit and relax and I'll determine how we get there.

Refresh -
aka face framing hilight


2 hours


The refresh option is great for when you have a color you love, but you want a few pops of brightness around the face and crown area, and add shine.


It’s a quicker option than The maintenance and full, but keeps your color looking fresh. 


Also an option for those without any existing highlights that want a few pops of color around the face.


Service includes:

-lighter pieces painted around face, crown area, and nape.

 Maintenance - 
aka a partial hilight



This service is for when you already have highlights or balayage, but they are grown out and you’re looking to touch everything up and make it look new again




You don't currently have hilights but you don't want to do your whole head.


Service includes: 

-lighter pieces painted around the face, sides, in the crown area, and nape


The Full Look-
aka a full hilight


3.5 hours

A full foundational color service where we transform your color, make changes, and set patterns in place and add brightness throughout.  This option is great for first time clients, or anyone looking to make a change to their hair.  


Service includes:

-lighter pieces painted throughout the full head

All Color services include:

-a custom gloss with added bond builder

-deep conditioning treatment

-personalized styling lesson

-home care product recommendations.


*if you would like to add a haircut, please also select the “add a cut to my color session” option for an additional $100


*Add a base color to my session (most often for grey coverage) $50

Other color services:

Base color touch up


2 hours

A color service for changing your base color and/or providing grey coverage.


Root touch up means 1” new growth or less.  Includes a gloss to balance your ends, can either be clear or provide a tone adjustment. 

Gloss Refresh


1.5 hours

This is a great option for those with highlighted hair that could use either a tone adjustment or some shine. Also great for those without color that want some shine and luster.

I use Original Mineral color.  It contains no ammonia, resorcinol or PPD and is the lowest tox, cleanest color available.  It's gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, and contains no animal ingredients.  It's kinder to your hair, your lungs, and the environment.

If you are looking for platinum blonde, bright vivid colors, or a big corrective color, I can refer you to another stylist as that is not my specialty.

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