I use Original Mineral color.  It contains no ammonia, resorcinol or PPD and is the lowest tox, cleanest color available.  It's gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, and contains no animal ingredients.  It's kinder to your hair, your lungs, and the environment.

These are starting prices and may be adjusted depending on length, density, and amount of product used.  When we consult at the appointment we will talk price and options.

Full hilight or balayage $200-250+
A full foundational color service where we transform your color, make changes, and set patterns in place and add brightness throughout.  Can be highlights or balayage.  This option is great for first time clients, or anyone looking to make a change to their hair.
Partial hilight or balayage $160-200+
This service is for when you already have highlights or balayage, and you’re looking to touch everything up and make it look new again OR if you want to add brightness around your face and the top of your head, leaving depth underneath.

Refresh mini hilight or balayage $115-130+
The refresh option is great for when you have a color you love, but you want a few pops of brightness around the face, blend your roots around the face, and add shine. It’s a quicker option than The maintenance and full, but keeps your color looking fresh.

Roots $125
A color service often providing grey coverage or base adjustment, includes gloss refresh on ends

Gloss refresh $105+
This is a great option for those with highlighted hair that could use either a tone adjustment or some shine. Also great for those without color that want some shine and luster.

All prices include blowdry


Haircut $100
For those looking for a haircut that will maintain the style you already have or make slight changes. Includes shampoo, cut, and blowdry.  

Transformational haircut/thick hair $115
For those looking for a big change in length or style, or those with very thick hair- this will allow extra time for the service, consultation, and styling and product recommendations.  

Full Curly Service (curly or tight coils) $130
This service is either a wet or a dry cut, whichever we determine is appropriate for you.  This includes  a thorough consultation, wash, condition, and style.  We will go over products, techniques for styling, and talk about what is most suitable for your hair.  This service is great if you have a lot of questions on styling, products, and how to care for your curls.

Prices subject to change based on length and density.