Colorful Flowers


Here is what to expect at your appointment:



The day of your appointment:

-When you arrive to your appointment, you are welcome to come in to the salon to wait.  If you would prefer to limit your time inside you can text me at (541)321-6503 and I will let you know when I am ready for you. 


-Please come alone.  No kids, friends, or family.

-Please come in with your mask on, wear a well fitting mask that loops behind the ears only.

Though the mask mandate has been lifted, we are expressing caution and will still require them in the salon for the time being and will reevaluate as we see how things go.  Thank you for understanding!

What you can expect from me:


-I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and will be wearing a mask.

-I will be doing a thorough sanitation between each client.

-I will be prepared with sanitized towels, capes, combs, brushes and clips for each client.


Also please note I will be enforcing no-show and late cancellation policies.  The only exception is if you are sick, I will waive charges but please give as much notice as possible.  All policies are listed here.

Prices have also changed, so please be aware of increases (more info here).